Connected Products

Robo has the engineering services, frameworks, and tools to enable businesses to connect their products and enrich the customer experience.

Our Facility

We welcome you to visit us and take a tour of our maker space, staffed with smart, creative people. From Automation to Zero Emissions, our engineering workshop is equipped with the resources and knowledge necessary to bring your innovative products to market. Whether it’s designing, prototyping, or testing, we provide comprehensive support to turn your concept into a product.

Our Framework
1. Pretotyping Concepts

Told through the eyes of the end consumer, we provide a narrative, storyboard, and either an animated video or non-functioning prototype to communicate the concept effectively.

2. Prototype Development

We build a fully functioning, minimally viable product using the latest hardware and software solutions in order to demonstrate viability.

3. Proof of Concepts

This phase of development is critical to measuring what works, what needs improvement, and what else is essential to delivering successfully when you productize the solution.

4. Product Planning

Now that you’ve found a winning solution, you need to prepare for change. Defining the product, how you’ll go to market, and what resources are going to be needed.

5. Product Pilots

When launching a new product, we believe you should always do a limited release to manage risk out of the launch. We begin to take a back seat and help train and support your team during the pilot.

6. Product Deployments

It is our goal to equip you to run and manage your own solutions but we will continue to support you with our services and our enterprise grade partners.

Case study

Winnebago leveraged our engineering services to create a first-of-its-kind intelligent RV system.

  • Robo led Winnebago proprietary solution.
  • World-Class User Experience.
  • Monitoring & Control of coach components.
  • Plug & Play component library.
  • Many unique game-changing features.
  • Data Off-boarding.
  • Over-the-Air Software Updates.
  • New Subscription Revenue.
  • Integrated with Winnebago App.
  • 2+ Year Project.

Connect with our team

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